5 Home Needs that people desire

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Cozier vibes-

Get the "cozy vibe" instead of the 'luxury vibe". People are wanting comfortable, touchable, livable spaces. Most of this is directly attributed to the need that people have as they are working from home due to COVID. Buyers are needing spaces which reflect a lived-in, hassle-free, homey feel. Homes showing coffee stations with a tray and mugs, and napkins evokes a space which can double as a work space and home space. Outside, you may see a firepit, a lot of throw blankets and a hammock on the lawn. Outdoor lights, hanging plants, comfy chairs and pillows help people to relax in their home space after working all day or homeschooling the kids. Beautiful porches and patio spaces are a must.

Home office space-

Once again, with the need for more people to work from home, this individual space is highly desired. People need a place to put their desk, office equipment, files, and other essentials. Maintaining the work flow while being at home can be a distraction, so carving out a space to work helps! 

Good lighting-

The pandemic has created a higher level of anxiety. Studies suggest that natural light from great windows or enclosed outdoor spaces can boost people's  mood over the long term and improve mental health.

Sensational scents-

Candles, essential oils, wax tarts, incense all help to bring a peace and tranquility in one's home. Use relaxing scents such as lavender to help calm your mood. 

Cozy Kitchens-

Neutral tones, inviting chairs, sweet scents of cooking pies, and a glass of wine help in these crazy times! People need the kitchen to feel inviting and lived in. Try to not obsess about cleanliness. Enjoy cooking your favorite dish, the new recipes for cookies, and just enjoy the time in the kitchen. If a glass breaks, or the dish splatters in the microwave, it is okay! People are needing to loosen up and find joy during this time.