What just happened?

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 Some of us are left wondering "What happened to summer?" or even Spring? This has been a crazy year wouldn't you say? I must admit I have been very busy, for which I am most grateful. I have had many clients who have decided to pack up and leave our beautiful state of California. Rightfully so, people have had it. I hear stories of families who have lived here the entire lives and can't afford to live here anymore. If you are in the seller category you have been blessed to be able to sell a home which undoubtedly in most cases has equity. Selling and  moving to another state brings excitement and perhaps the ability to live a life you never dreamt possible. Dealing with COVID and all the regulations has made it difficult for many people these past 6 months. I am here to assure you that if you fall into this category of ready to move out of California, I can be your greatest resource. I am knowledgeable of the current market and can give your home the best possible exposure to the most buyers! Feel free to contact me for any real estate needs you may have.

Be well and stay safe